The City Walk

City Walks in Elsinore and Kronborg Castle

We look forward to welcoming you in our new season of 2022.

Your city walk begins in a truly unique privately owned Renaissance cellar from 1590 neighboring Kronborg Castle.While relaxing in the glow of candlelight enjoying a refreshment and listening to the history of the Renaissance Cellar, we will tell you the story of the great and small, of might and fall, of Kronborg Castle, churches, monasteries and many dramatic events that have made Elsinore and Denmark the town and country we know today.

In the Middle Ages Danish kings and one queen ruled over the majority of Scandinavia. During this defining moment in history, Elsinore was founded with the establishment of the Sound Toll in the early 1400’s and grew to become Denmark’s second largest town. You will hear of great men and women who left their mark on the town of Elsinore and Kronborg Castle.

Having enjoyed your refreshment and story, we will take a city walk through Elsinore to see and hear about the city’s wonderful houses, palaces, churches and monasteries, and not least the renaissance castle, Kronborg. You will see and experience Elsinore as it looked in 1400 and up through the ages.

 Images from the City Walk

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